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Secure Yourself Before You Secure The Bag

I’ve noticed a lot of us are out here entertaining unnecessary anxiety and stress. Everyone seems to be focused on getting as much done as possible before 2020.

I would like us to refrain from thinking that we lack anything– the reality is everything is in divine order! 🙏🏿 Getting “the bag” and creating a new business is great, but how can you take better care of yourself, mentally and physically?

Two weeks ago, I started with a new therapist– she is absolutely amazing! I also treated myself to a day at the spa with no cell phone. Make sure you do what you need to do to pamper yourself.

Another thing I would like for us to keep in mind is that in this cycle we need to make as much money as possible and focus on creating a life that allows us to contribute to our communities and spend time with the people we love. A lot of us need to realize that the real purpose of money is to create financial security so you can help your friends and family.

Here are some of the things I’m doing to create a life of happiness and health:

1. Writing a business plan AND a plan of action for self-care.

2. Giving random acts of kindness. When was the last time you did something for someone you didn’t know without expecting anything in return? I’m a true believer that our talents aren’t just for us but also for the universe and for God to use us.

3. Asking for what I want. Many of us are scared to ask for certain things and to go after them. Like, new relationships for example. If you want a new man, get out there and get busy! I believe that you get what you want out of this life. You deserve it, sis.