Self-Care Means Saying No

Listen, I know it looks like I’m always out in the streets but, don’t get it twisted, I’m being very picky about where I choose to spend my time.

Lately, I’ve been practicing the art of being more exclusive. I’m not out here trying to hang with everybody on the scene or go to every single industry function. These days I only allow myself to be around people, places and things that make me feel loved and push me to be the best version of myself.

I think I’ve just been feeling the need to create some boundaries. Everyone you meet doesn’t get to have an all-access pass to your life. Sometimes, even people with the best intentions can drain your energy and time. And, if you give all of yourself away, you won’t have the energy to build the life you really want.

One more tip. I’m also taking the time to spend more time with myself and learning what makes me feel good. For example, this picture shows a space that Queen 👑 Latham Thomas created. As you can see, this arrangement will keep you surrounded by healing crystals and sage. When I look at this small altar of self-care, I feel soft, vulnerable, and protected. But also it keeps me sane enough to take on the world!


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