Personal Shopping Services

wasidah-imageconsultingLET’S GET PERSONAL

($95 per hour; 2 hour minimum)
This one-on-one shopping session is customized to suit your individual needs, style, and budget.  I hand-select the stores in advance, based on your personal style and desires.  All the items in your size are pre-pulled ensuring a smooth and seamless shopping experience.  Styling tips are shared throughout the process so you learn how to flatter your body, mix and match pieces, and ensemble looks from head to toe.  I teach you how to incorporate the new pieces into your existing wardrobe.  Pictures are taken during this shopping session so you can review the look before you purchase and have a personalized look book for your reference.  Great for anyone who is in need of an updated wardrobe, as well as someone who is getting married or who has a special occasion coming up.



($395 for a 3 hour in-home consultation)
If you feel like you wear the same outfit(s) all the time, have recently lost or gained weight, having or recently had a baby, are starting a new job or in career transition, or simply want to spice up your wardrobe with some color and dress in the latest trends, then this service would be a great fit for you. A personalized closet consultation takes place in your home. It gives me a chance to analyze your current wardrobe, see what is lacking, and fill in the missing pieces. From here, you can gain a better understanding of how to work with what you already have and build a solid foundation to work with for your future purchases. Closet consultations also give you the opportunity to discard the clothing you no longer wear, that no longer fits, or is simply outdated. (I even take care of donating the items to a charity!) This service is one of my most popular to give as a gift to a loved one!