Personal Training Services


Let’s Get Started

This program is designed for beginners or those who are struggling to stay on the wagon. I will start you off at with a super-basic customized workout plan followed by a meal plan that allows you to ease into your new lifestyle.

Bye-Bye Baby Belly

This program is designed for my doll returning back to the workout world after the baby. Maybe you have some knowledge of working out and eating right, but between the nine months of carrying the baby, plus the 3-6 months of breast-feeding, you’re finding it tough to get back on track. In this program, you will receive a custom diet that is quick and easy.

For Curvy Girls

This plan is dedicated to my dolls who are looking to tone and tighten up in all the right places. The diet in this plan is very specific, allowing your body to grow in all the right places while at the same time keeping you lean. On this plan, you’ll enjoy 90-minutes of workouts ¬†every week dedicated to your lower half!

Personal Training Sessions

6 sessions for 450.00
10 sessions for 750.00 +1 for free
20 sessions for 1400.00 +2 for free