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Sexual Benefits of Fitness


Sexual Benefits of Fitness

Increases Your Stamina

Very few people today actually experience or rather even know of something called the Runners High and even lesser, the pleasure in the pain of pushing your body a little beyond its limits. In today’s busy times taking care of yourself, of your body seems to be the last thing on people mind. It’s all about how to lead a better, wealthy life and we tend to forget how to live a healthy life too.

But with a little motivation to that, it might just do wonders forever.

So, what if we told you that an everyday workout schedule can help you not only in keeping fit and healthy overall, but also helps you enjoy your sex life better than before and could be like that always? What if we told you that an everyday workout regime increases your stamina and you could be the stunner in bed from now on till forever? Would that push you to your road of good health and to that treadmill waiting so eagerly to see you?

Fitness and exercise increases levels of energy helps tone your muscles, burns fat faster and improve your mood and self-image. But for more reasons than you may know, exercise can also improve your sex life and you could soon have the body and tricks Ashley Babestation has. Research shows that if you burn as little as 200 additional calories a day, you can lower your risk of erectile dysfunction. In addition to cardio and strength training, stretching is also loosening you up, enabling you to experiment with different positions.

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Sexual benefits of fitness

Cardio: Running, rollerblading or even a pick-up game of badminton or football , such Cardiovascular exercises, can rev up beta-endorphins, which will make your heart to beat at a faster pace and your blood to flow to all the right places. Engage in these activities with your partner, and you will find your desire almost doubles.

Strength: Your local gym too seems to have the perfect cure for low libido . The steel and iron seem to be calling out for yet another reason. Strength training has shown to increase levels of growth hormone, which contributes to a heightened testosterone level – the hormone of arousal. Inclusion of strength training into your routine two or three times per week, along with adequate sleep, has been shown to improve sexual arousal.

Yoga: The roots of yoga date back centuries, when the practice was used to stimulate a sexual awakening (also known as tantra.). Focusing your mind and tuning into your senses in a yoga class helps your sex life in the most phenomenal ways – not to mention, improve flexibility for trying new positions with your partner.

A 2008 study conducted at Florida Atlantic University, found that physical activity was shown to prime a woman’s body for sexual activity by making her more sensitive to touch and increasing the efficacy of stimuli, while men experience improved sexual function and better orgasms.

In general, engaging in physical activity is a great way to improve one’s self-esteem and immunity, helps you manage a healthy weight, and increases stamina and energy – all the ingredients for a healthy libido.

- XOXO, Wasidah

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