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(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty … For Fitness!

I’m not gonna lie. I used to shake (shake, shake) my head at all the folks who were trying to Zoomba their way to fitness. “That is NOT real,” I used to tell anyone who would listen. “Dancing isn’t gonna make you fit!” Fast forward. Over the past few years, I’ve become a bit of fitness expert. As a result, I’ve had to help people of different shapes, sizes, and temperaments get fit. And I’m not gonna recommend something for them that I’m not willing to try myself. So, reluctantly, I finally gave dance a try. And, guess what? It rocks! Here are my top three reasons why dance is good way to get it right and keep it tight!

  1. “All I Do Is Win” (DJ Khaled) – Look, if you’re anything like me you always kick it into high gear when someone hops on the treadmill next to you. All of a sudden, you’re more worried about “beating” them in a make-believe race than sticking with your goals and pace. With dance, there’s no reason to compete. I mean, sure, you have to learn the choreography but dance is a nice way to get in shape without feeling like you can’t keep up with the people around you.
  2. “Drop It Like It’s Hot” (Snoop Dogg) – Lissen, how you dance is just how you dance. All twerks are not created equal. So, even if the sister-girl with the big hair next to you is killing it, you’re more likely to give her a high–five than throw her shade. You’ve been dancing all your life, girl. You already know what you’re working with. Now, use it to get in shape!
  3. “Move Your Body” (Beyonce) – Pumping iron def serves its purpose but if you want more of a practical workout, pull on some leggings and hit the dance studio! A dance workout will build your muscles in a much different way than, let’s say, using the Nautilus machine. Plus, dance skills are always practical because … weddings. You never know when you might have to turn up and get the party started at a boring wedding reception. Just sayin’.

Anyway, hopefully I’ve given you enough reasons to give fitness dancing a try. For those of you in the NYC area, check out Grillz and Granola, a fun dance class that incorporates trap and rap music. Or try my latest dance addiction, Vixen Workout, but def bring your heels, ladies! Also, I haven’t tried it yet but I hear amazing things about the Boss Chick Dance Workout, which literally shows you how to twerk your way to fitness. I’m so curious!

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