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Shopping Therapy


Hey Doll,

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! I did… especially after pushing past a rough week! Like all fashion-lovers, I gave myself a bit of shopping therapy. And of course, it was all in the name of a SALE, lol! I took full of advantage of the 30% off  sale at Banana Republic since I had my eye on their new spring collection for a while.

Let’s break my outfit down…

I was super in love with this 80s inspired navy and orange striped sweater, and of course I had to have the matching orange stretchy pants. I love Banana Republic for giving us a mix of fun and sophisticated… plus they carry petites! My shoes are no other than Saint Laurent. Yes, this is a crazy high heel  (at least 5 inches!), but the platform in the front allows them to be super comfortable. I paid $20 for the the six bangles that came with a cute watch from Burlington Coat Factory.  You can’t beat that!

P.S. The two little dogs in the second picture are the loves of my life: Jack and Jill!

P.P.S. Shopping is cheaper that a psychiatrist, lol!

- XOXO, Wasidah

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