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Slow It Down, Girl!

I hate to say it but my new bae was right. 🙄 One Sunday morning he spoke to me in a very serious tone, which is not typical of him. He’s more about fun and being silly and taking life easy.

He said something along the lines of, “Wasidah, you run around like a mouse all day. You don’t have a full day off. I need you to slow your ass down.” I wasn’t completely happy about what he said but I gave it some thought and decided to take a vacation trip to Mexico.

I realized that sometimes we need to step away, clear our mind, reflect on how much we’ve done and also show gratitude for what we’ve accomplished. Something I actually struggle with is showing gratitude to myself. And sometimes I focus on the work that I haven’t completed yet and what else I still need to get done instead of all the things I’ve achieved.

My trip to Mexico was absolutely beautiful. I love being around animals and having a glass of champagne in the morning, not to mention having access to a jacuzzi, pool, and beach on a daily. All of these things help me release my stress.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to realize how much we need to relax. Here are some signs that maybe you need to relax and step away from it all.

  1. Do you wake up in the morning feeling overwhelmed, thinking, “I just can’t seem to get enough done”?
  2. Do you lack the ability to say, “I did the best that I can do”?
  3. When was the last time you spend time with family or friends without thinking, “I wish I could just get back to work”?

These are all signs that you are seriously in need of a break and that you’re not seeing the real value in life, family, relationships, and quality time with people that you love.