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So Fresh And So Clean! My Body Scrubs & Creams are Back!

I love that so many people have been reaching out to request my Coconut and Coffee Body Scrub & Cream!

Honestly, I had stopped selling them because of lack of time. Also, since I am passionate about working with women, I have been donating the scrubs and creams to women’s shelters and other organizations that support women such as Bottomless Closet. I have also been using my product for my women’s meditation workshops.

I am dedicated to the wellbeing of all girls and women across the global spectrum. My mission is to assist troubled, abused and improvised women and help them achieve mental clarity and gain spiritual perspective through meditation and visualization.

It’s about helping each other by rebuilding what was stripped away during the unforgivingly harsh experiences of life and smoothly transition into a better life after suffering from domestic violence.

Doing this kind of work has inspired me to start a nonprofit! One of the ways  I’m looking to raise money to create the nonprofit is by selling my scrubs and creams again!

The funds will go to providing lunch I provide for the women I work with as well as helping me buy meditation equipment such as oils and diffusers and gift bags. Plus, they are now on sale: two for the price of one! Only $20 per set!

Shop now!

P.S. If anyone is hosting a women’s event and need product for gift bags please reach out!