Start Spring Cleaning Inside You

It’s officially Spring! Time to clean out your closet and clear up your life. 🙂

My internal spring cleaning began with one of my mentors, Latham Thomas. She hosted an event called Mama Glow Gathering– An Intimate Circle Affirming Sisterhood, Supporting Release & Blooming from Within. The Circle, which happened on March 14, was guided by Latonya Yvette a lifestyle blogger and new author who focuses on family, style, design, culture, womanhood, and community.

During the event, we were asked to write down what we wanted to get rid of and what we wanted to be open to. You know what? I really didn’t think that I had anything to let go of, but once I start writing things, it all just came out of me onto the page! I discovered that I want to let go of being resentful– I want to be able to learn the lessons I need to learn without holding a grudge. And I also discovered that I want to be open to love– I finally feel like I’m worthy of love and attention.

This writing exercise really helped me realize what has already blossomed inside me as well as which of my ideas need more water, soil, and growth to really grow.

I encourage you to write down what you want to let go of this Spring and what you are open you. Get your Spring cleaning started today!

Latonya Yvette with family