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Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor!!

Some women have tried many things to help in achieving a better orgasm, just the way I did. In my research, I came across something called Yoni eggs. The are oval shaped jade objects shaped like eggs that were used in Chinese royal palaces who believed a strong and healthy vagina increased their sexual power. You can see plenty of examples of Chinese women putting their strong vaginas to use at websites similar to Tube V sex if you’re interested.
The term Yoni is derived from Sanskrit that means “sacred temple” and it refers to the womb of a woman. Yoni eggs not only strengthen the vaginal muscles but also tone the lower abdomen and the muscles of the pelvic and urogenital diaphragm.
The first step is to put the jade stone inside your vagina and hold it there all day while I was doing my regular work. I’ve heard that some women have done something similar with sex toys, you could probably find examples at websites similar to porn7 if you were interested. When I first tried and pushed it inside my vagina, it was not a problem but, as soon as I stood up it slipped out and fell on the floor!
I simply was not ready and needed practice and exercises for increasing the strength of my core. I came across an article at http://elitedaily.com/women/yoni-egg/1398390/which described my experience. There I learned about the Elvie which was considered to be a tech savvy version of the Yoni egg!
I did some research on the Elvie and tried it out. Gradually I found that it was working and the strength of my pelvic floor was increasing. The day came when I could spend the whole day with the yoni egg doing regular chores. I also felt the increase in intensity and satisfaction that I has after having orgasm once I had learned the magic of Yoni egg! I’ll be having orgasms like those at websites similar to shemalehd.sex.

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