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3 Foods That Prevent You from Hitting a Plateau


Hey Dolls,

I hope your  2016 is starting off well! I know we’ve talked a lot this month about getting started with clean eating and working out, but another major  topic I’d like to address is what to eat to keep from hitting a fitness plateau. Sometimes after eating clean for a good amount of time, the body begins to plateau – which can stop you from dropping the pounds as quickly as you did in the beginning. So here’s a short but sweet list of foods that can help prevent that from happening.

  1. Cherries not only help fight cancer and other diseases, but they are the perfect snack when you’re trying to cut out processed sugar.
  2. I can pretty much eat them any time of the day, but eggs are super high in protein and can keep you from losing lean muscle mass. They can also be a big help in keeping your metabolism up.
  3. My mother would always tell me that grapefruits are the key to staying slim in the waist. It turns out she was right! This amazing fruit can also charge up your metabolism and support your efforts to lose weight.

- XOXO, Wasidah

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