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The 4 Best Foods To Boost Brain Power


One of my absolute favorite  food is not only packed with protein ,but all comes with such benefits as  Omega-3 fats and vitamin D.  According to

Tufts University research found that people who ate fish like salmon, tuna, and halibut three times a week reduced their risk of Alzheimer’s disease by nearly 40%.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables 

Kale is not only the perfect for a summer salad but is  also a great sources of vitamins  E and folate .Harvard Medical  School researchers  found that women who ate the most vegetables-especially  green leafy vegetables  (spinach and romaine lettuce -experienced a slow rate of cognitive decline than women who ate least vegetables.


The primary fuel for your brain is glucose ,which comes  from carbohydrates such those abundant in oats .Your body breaks down the carbs in whole-grains oats very slowly,they help you sharp for several hours .



Nothing like a little tea time !Brazilian scientists found that yerba mate ,herbal tea gleaned from a South American plant,can enhance short term brain power .



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