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The Murano was everything I could imagine!

I had the pleasure of taking the Nissan Murano out on the town this past weekend.  The Murano was everything I could imagine in an SUV; it looked sporty and elegant and did not fail to deliver.  The 260 hp V6 offered smooth acceleration and quiet interior which allowed me to pass others and maneuver with ease. The interior was also roomy with plenty of space in the driver and passenger seats.  All the controls I needed to control the stereo were accessible from the steering wheel along with mobile phone access.  Cabin noise was extremely low and I could listen to music through the gorgeous sounding speakers at a low level even at 60 MPH on the highway; don’t worry, I was below the speed limit.

Finally the navigation system is the state of the art and could quickly find any address I needed and gave street by street audio assisted directions.  The leather interior was comfortable and made me feel like I was in a luxury SUV.  The dual zone climate control was also great as it allowed my spouse to set the temperature differentnly from mine. The safety features were a pleasant surprise! I had never experienced blind spot indicators: it was helpful, but not annoying.  If you turn on the right turn indicator while moving and there is a vehicle in your blind spot, the indicator beeps to notify you.
Overall, this car was a joy to drive and all of the ammenities made the few days I spent with it a memorable experience.

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