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The Pork Chop Stops Here!

Before the weather breaks, you’ll either give a barbeque or be invited to one. As a Type 1 Diabetic for 44 years, I’ve mastered the art of eating a balanced meal to avoid overeating.

Be a good host and avoid foods swimming in salt, sugar, fat and lighter fluid with chemically treated charcoal. And don’t forget to plans activities with movement: Charades, hula-hoop, medicine ball toss…. Step away from the plate, because the pork chop stops here!

Last, as a guest, offer to bring a healthy dish that’s colorful, meatless, and filled with veggies.

Tips from American Diabetes Association:

1. Survey the table before diving for food.

2. Use Choose My Plate Method website or phone app for making healthy choices.

3. Treating yourself to 1 bite-size snack is allowed.

4. Focus on eating skinless poultry, 90 % lean burgers or ground turkey, veggie or seafood kabobs, or a veggie or black bean burger.

5. Fill at least half of your plate with green colorful salads with other fresh non-starchy vegetables.

6. Use lite dressing or vinaigrettes.

7. Limit servings of beans, fruit, whole grain salads, & corn on the cob.

8. ONE small serving of dessert.

9. Stick to unsweetened herbal teas or mineral water w/lemon.

10. Done eating? No? Get another helping of non-starchy veggies. Then move those hips! Walk with a friend, help the host with dishes, or start a game that involves movement.

Bon Appetite!

By Monique Gordon

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