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Three Steps To Keep It Right & Tight

So, let me keep it aaaaalll the way real!

Some kind of way, when I returned back from my trip from Mexico, I had put on a few extra pounds. Mind you, I’m only 4’10” so five or six extra pounds is a LOT for me. LOL!

Not to mention, I came back to a schedule packed with work! Babies were due, clients were looking to work off the extra pounds they put on over the summer, plus I had a new relationship. 😉

Between me cooking for him, him cooking for me, us going out to eat all the time, and the two of us spending way too much time practicing to make a baby, your girl was feeling a little too happy and healthy. LOL! So, of course, I came up with a plan of action to get my body back in order.

Step one:

No more liquor for a month. I don’t drink a lot but I love having a glass of wine or two. Let’s be honest, wine has way too much sugar. In fact, I lost three pounds in seven days just by laying off the liquor!

Step two:

Sleep. I’ve been getting a lot more sleep by taking naps and going to bed a lot earlier. Sleep has a lot to do with how your body breaks down fat and how you build muscle. Working out is great but you also need to eat well and get plenty of rest.

Step three: 

Diet and exercise. I’ve also added in some extra cardio and I’m getting back to my pescatarian, high-veggie, high-protein diet, which helps me a lot.

At the end of the day, I’m grateful and I love myself but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t continue to stay healthy and create a better version of myself from the inside out.