Live For YOU…Not The Expectations Of Others!

Live For YOU…Not The Expectations Of Others!


Hello all, it’s your girl Wasidah!

I had some thoughts recently of how we sometimes let the expectations of others rule the choices and decisions we make in our lives. It can feel like a prison at times–be it our parents, friends, other loved ones and their concerns (college, choosing the ‘right’ job, the ‘right’ partner, et cetera); everyone seems to have thoughts on how you should do this or that, even whether or not it’s the ‘right’ path to take, based on what they think is right for them. Nevermind that it may or may not be right for you–the person who has to live this life–everyone seems to have an opinion, and some just seem to expect you to go their way, as opposed to choosing your own direction (and they seem to feel very comfortable imposing their ideas on you, as if you can’t make the correct choices for yourself).

Sure, it can feel uncomfortable breaking out of that box that’s been created for us. Nevermind how uncomfortable it may feel to you, break out of that box, ladies. Break the box, jump on top of it, do what feels right for YOU. There’s no need for you to allow yourself to be boxed in by the thoughts and ideas of another person, YOU will forge your path through life, as they’ve forged theirs (and maybe they did conform to someone else’s direction, that doesn’t mean you have to). Remember, people are going to judge and have something to say ANYWAY. An example: I once worked a job where I was super-enthusiastic, very friendly and happy, always full of positive energy, and this one girl I worked with thought I was being unauthentic, I was ‘too nice’. Now had I come there with negative energy, not saying good morning or just in general being cranky, I’m certain that would’ve been an issue as well!

Take that box folks try to lock you into and break your way out of it–stomp that box, build your own box, be in NO box, do YOU and listen to YOUR voice always. Be you–as someone once told me, ‘Live wild and free’. Have a great day!

                                                                         - XOXO, Wasidah

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