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Timing is Everything


Talk about perfect timing!

As 2020 approaches, many of us are reflecting back and thinking about how we can better care for ourselves in the new year.

Words can’t explain how excited I am about the Continuum Conference— A full-day seminar that will explore postpartum depression, birth equity and sisterhood in general. I am also super proud of Queen Latham Thomas, the event’s producer, for continuously creating ways for women to come together and hold space for one another. It is very important for us to support each other.

I am sure all the speakers will be a blessing to my ears but here are my top 5.

1. Of course, Latham Thomas, producer of the event. Sis has a way of bringing love and calmness into any room.🙏🏿

2. Miss Julee Wilson who I love for always keeping it 💯 about fashion and beauty– not to mention I love her style as well!

3. Tonya Lewis Lee is so dope! Sis is not only a director, producer, and writer she also created an organic vitamin dedicated to women. P.S. She was also one of my favorite clients when I worked at Barney’s as a stylist.

4. Erica M. McAfee, who I don’t know personally but I definitely have a lot of respect for her work as a bereavement specialist doula.

5. Dr. Wednesday Martin is one of my new favorite people! She’s a feminist culture critic.

Interested? Click below to find out more. P.S. Use the discount code GLOW at checkout to save some money! Hope to see you there!