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Tips for creating boundaries and opening up to love

My recent Goddess event was all about helping women create affirmations that would allow them to pour back into themselves.

We started off with a meditation about the need to stand up for ourselves– trust me, there was a lot crying in the room during that meditation. Sometimes, as women, we struggle with the idea of creating space for ourselves and giving boundaries to people we love.

Later, I found out they were a few cancer survivors in the room as well as a few women who were struggling with letting go of the hurt from past relationships and trying to find the courage to open themselves to the possibility of new love.

Stay tuned for my next event. In the meantime, enjoy these tips!

Tips for creating boundaries and for opening up to new love.

1. Learn how to say “no” without explaining yourself. There’s nothing wrong with saying that something came up or that you have other obligations

2. Try your best to be consistent. Create solid rules for your life such as: I don’t loan money to friends under any circumstances!

4. When it comes to new love I suggest taking it seriously. Meditate and really think about what you want. Is it a new lover, a boyfriend, or a husband?
Also, decide what you’re willing to sacrifice or compromise. Write it down.

5. How do you want to be treated? Write this down as well. What are you expecting from this new person?

6. Last but not least, instead of seeing dating as a time-consuming drag, enjoy the experience of getting to meet fun, new people and creating new friendships.