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Happy New Year!!

Once again, it’s Wasidah here!
2017 has been and will be a big year for me…I’m turning 37, going into two years of marriage, got my company off the ground this year…and this will mark my tenth year in New York! And while the journey through life is an ongoing learning experience, I feel as though I’ve learned so much in this past year!
One of the most important bits of insight I’ve gained is the fact that People Will Be People. Yes, indeed. There have been many times a person has presented themselves as ‘this way’ and turned out to be the complete opposite–or I’ve expected certain behavior or personalities and been totally surprised. People don’t change unless they want to–speaking for myself, I can personally see the difficulty in changing certain aspects of one’s self. You can accept the person as they are, or–if the situation is something you really don’t want to be a part of–remove yourself from any drama. Life is too short, as we all know, and nothing negative should cut into your personal happiness and peace of mind. This goes for friends, co-workers, even family–my mother has a habit of being late, and knowing this as I do, I just accept it and we move on. No need for any drama, she’s a Gemini, and I never know which side I’m going to get!
Realize that you can’t please everyone, and as women we tend to overextend ourselves trying to do just that. Take time to make sure YOU are happy and at peace. Establish boundaries with people, or you just might find yourself being someone’s never ending fountain of support (some folks will take take take without ever considering how it might feel to GIVE).
How do I take time for myself? It may be meditation, it may be church, it may be something as simple as a glass of wine with the girls. I don’t have to do things too ‘big’, many times it’s the simple moments in life that provide all the peace you need. Remember, ladies, before you can provide love and comfort for the next person, you’ve got to know love and comfort yourself. Inner peace and tranquility. Happiness! Don’t burn that positive energy on things or people you can’t change!
                                                                                       - XOXO, Wasidah

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