Value Yourself Sister

Hi guys, it’s your girl Wasidah here!
I was talking with a great girlfriend of mine the other day–during a cardio session, of course–and we were sharing about our mothers. We were talking about how they both wanted daughters and did all they could to nurture us, taught us great lessons about life, how they had big dreams for us and shared those dreams with us as children in order to make them realities. Most importantly, though, they reminded us–and kept reminding us–how important we were to the world and how much we should love ourselves as individuals, inside and out. My mother would stress to me that my body is special, my energy is special, every time you allow someone to share in that energy, to be in your space, that is to be valued.
Everything about you is special, ladies. The people you choose to surround yourself with are just as special and important–we give one another energy and love, and it’s important to have great people around you who realize this about themselves and express it, as well! Remember to value and love yourself, and that way you can always be at your best and express love to those in your life even better!
Talk to you soon!


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