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Wasidah Francois, National Fitness Competitor and Personal Trainer, Launches Altruistic Line of Beauty Products

Inspirational New York City fitness expert Wasidah Francois is sharing her passion and knowledge with the world with the release of Wasidah’s Coconut & Coffee Body Cream and Body Scrub. She plans to help use these products along with her fitness expertise to help empower the less fortunate.

Wasidah’s passion for helping people look and feel their best is both inspirational and contagious. The NYC-based Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and National Fitness Competitor is praised from Philadelphia to NYC for her devotion to helping women increase their self-esteem by getting into the best shape of their lives. Wasidah recently announced the next phase of her plan to encourage and empower – The release of two natural beauty products. Wasidah’s Coconut & Coffee Body Cream and Wasidah’s Coconut & Coffee Body Scrub are both derived from formulas she developed herself.

“I originally created the body scrub and cream out of the desire to give myself a relaxing home spa day when I was in college and low on money,” says Wasidah. “To help give back to the community, I plan to teach fitness classes at group homes and women shelters. I also plan to lead the women in a guided meditation and give them hand massages with my products. To me, it’s super important to motivate these women so that they know they’re beautiful and that they can still make their dreams come true.”

In addition to her work as a personal trainer, Wasidah is also very knowledgeable about the world of fashion—a skill set she developed as a professional buyer for TK.

This unique combination of fitness and fashion experience makes Wasidah an ideal choice for many brands as a dynamic and enthusiastic Brand Ambassador. Also, she is currently working on her Nutrition Certification to expand her ability to help others.

Wasidah’s Coconut & Coffee Body Cream and Scrub are now available for purchase directly from the rising fitness and self-improvement star.

For more information be sure to visit Wasidah.com

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