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What’s On Your To Do List?

What’s On Your To Do List?
Hey guys, hope all is well, it’s your girl Wasidah here!
I was talking with my good friend and coach Harriette Cole not long ago, and she mentioned to me the importance of scheduling everything–from brushing your teeth in the morning to coffee to meditating. I realized that I do this already, but the one thing I was neglecting to set aside time for was FUN. Time is set aside for work and all the major things I do in my life, but I found it difficult to set aside time for fun, relaxation, and plain-and-simple ME time.
Saturday (yesterday, as I write this) was a super-busy day. I was putting samples together, I had brunch, then back to work…but at a certain point, I found myself setting everything aside, enjoying a glass of wine, and working on a ‘Me’ time, painting. It relaxes the mind and soul, it makes you feel good and content. Overall. it makes you a better person. In that time of peaceful reflection, I’m reminded of friends I have from abroad, who don’t have a problem with this at all. They’re like, ‘I’m going to relax all day Saturday, all day Sunday’, and it’s natural, there are no issues! In our hectic New York lifestyle we tend to feel guilty about doing that, we think success equals being ‘busy busy busy’, but we forget that it’s also important to take time to let your hair down, to be with friends and family, and–most importantly–to be present in those moments.
When you do get back to work and whatever other things you’ve got going on, you’re refreshed and reinvigorated. Schedule that fun time into your day, ladies, and devote as much energy to it as you do the other things in your life.
Take care, guys, talk again soon!
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                                                                                                - XOXO, Wasidah

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