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Where to Wear What!


Hey Dolls,

Not sure about you, but in my closet lives three or four different women, lol! I basically dress to fit the occasion, whether it be work or fun with friends. Every outfit has to say just what I’m thinking and feeling at that moment. I love how fashion allows you to speak volumes without using any words.

  1. I would never wear this outfit on a date, but it’s truly a fashion piece that most of my girlfriends would enjoy.
  2. This outfit is all business and would be perfect for meeting a client. This look is super sophisticated but allows me to look strong and sexy at the same time while showing my feminine side.
  3. Now this outfit is all about being sexy and is perfect for a first or second date. The dress is super fitted, but the length makes it very appropriate.

- XOXO, Wasidah

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