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Why I’m Happy about Gaining 10 Pounds


Here’s why I am OK with gaining an 10 extra pounds…

Not sure if you remember or not, but last year I did five bodybuilding shows – weighing in at anywhere between 102 to 110 pounds on most days. I’m currently weighing 119, and I’m super happy about… as crazy as that may sound! I have been working out extremely hard and eating clean foods, which adds to my GAINZ. Now let me explain…

Basically, I put an extra 3 to 4 pounds on my glutes, not to mention my breasts are now a cup size bigger. Eating clean, training hard, and allowing my body to take a break from hardcore dieting gave me the opportunity to build healthy muscle.

P.S.  Remember Dolls, YOU decide what you want to look like! No one else should have that power but you.

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