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Why You Need Cardio AND Weights

Why You Need Weights & Cardio
Weights versus cardio is always a common question for many women.  Unfortunately, we seem to pick either weights or cardio… at least I know I did in the beginning of my fitness journey. Back then, I was all about lifting very heavy weights because I was afraid of losing my womanly curves. Because I was missing out on cardio, I was only able to reach 60% of my fitness goals.
I later found out that as you increase strength and lean muscle mass, your body uses calories more efficiently. In addition, as you build muscle, your body begins to take on a nice hourglass shape. Though endurance exercises can help you lose weight, that weight comes off in the form of both fat and muscle tissue. My suggested workout schedule would be cardio for 30 to 40 minutes, 3 times per week and weightlifting 3 times a week for 45 minutes each session.
Hope this helps, Dolls!
- XOXO, Wasidah

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