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Why You Should Ditch Processed Food

ditch processed food

Hey Dolls,

Not sure if you know this or not, but here’s a big secret: I absolutely love potato chips & Reese’s peanut butter cups. Unfortunately my cravings, plus my desire to be snatched by this summer, do not agree, lol! So I decided to get hardcore with myself and go 30 days without processed food. Plus I did some research along the way.  Here’s what I found out: ingredients in processed foods like MSG and nitrates often cause migraines. So that means no more chips, cheetos or hotdogs for me, because the only migraine I’m willing to tolerate is the one caused by wine! Another big surprise I found is that processed food can totally mess up your sleep, causing your blood sugar to spike and leading to late-night cravings.

Here’s a couple of healthy snacks under 200 calories to help you stay away from those processed foods…

  1. One-inch cube of hard cheese (like aged Gouda), plus four to six dried apricot halves.
  2. Larabars. The cherry-flavor is one of my favorite energy bars, and it also contains 4g of protein.
  3. Popcorn – my all-time favorite snack!

Remembers Dolls, the goal is to keep it tight and toned all year ’round. I hope this helps you have a great day!

- XOXO, Wasidah

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