Women’s History Month!

In case you didn’t know, March is Women’s History Month and Friday, March 8 is Women’s Day. If nothing else, use this time to reflect on the women in your life and how much of an impression they’ve made on you!


When I was a little girl, I remember walking to school and women in the neighborhood giving me a word of wisdom or half a sandwich for lunch. I grew up in a community where women supported each other and it really made an impression on me. To this day, it’s something that I keep in mind in my work.


I’ve always been about helping and uplifting women. When I started out in fashion, I loved dressing women for success. Then, when I moved on to fitness, I really enjoyed helping women create the body they really wanted so they could be both happy and healthy.


In general, I think women are getting better at helping and nurturing each other. In fact, I really have to thank Ashunta Sheriff, a celebrity makeup artist who inspired me to move from fitness to bodybuilding by pushing myself to be better. I was shocked that a woman as successful as she is would take the time to give me advice.


These days, I’m fortunate to count Harriette Cole and Latham Thomas among my many female mentors and I hope that I’ll be able to nurture other women the way that they have mentored me.

Me and Ashunta